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Creating a backyard hangout that makes a statement can be a challenge, especially for the audio. But never fear, with the right weatherproof or waterproof speakers, you can turn up every party to the max!.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to figure it out yourself. We’ll help you determine the difference between waterproof and weatherproof and which type of speaker fits your needs!

Which Waterproofing is Which

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Before diving into the different types of speakers, you first need to understand the terminology. Weatherproof speakers and waterproof speakers do not mean the same thing, nor do waterproof or water-resistant speakers. But it’s vital to understand which you’re looking to determine which will suit your outdoor audio needs.

  • Waterproof Speakers: Are covered or treated with materials to prevent the permeation of water so that they can come into contact with water without damage.
  • Water-Resistant Speakers: Provides lower protection against water, with coated or treated materials that don’t allow water to pass through easily.
  • Water-Repellant Speakers: Offers more protection than water-resistant speakers because they are covered in thin-film nanotechnology.
  • Weatherproof Speakers: Made to withstand the elements, whether that means humidity, steam, rain, or light sprinkles, and come with tough casings and sealed cabinets.

Pro Tip: To survive submersion, waterproof speakers must have an IPX level of 7 or higher.

Wired vs. Wireless Speakers

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Deciding whether you need wired or wireless speakers for your outdoor audio is essential since you need to keep the possibilities of wires in mind.

With wired outdoor speakers, you’ll have more capacity and control over your musical setup and speakers that outperform any day of the week. These usually have underground wires and an omnidirectional design so anyone can listen to crisp audio from any spot in the yard. But you would need to find more outlets to plug in every speaker.

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Wireless weatherproof speakers are designed to be relatively invisible with enclosures meant to blend in the background like rocks, animals, lanterns, flowerpots, etc. You can make your music appear from out of nowhere and have your guests solely focus on the good times!

Pendant-Style vs. Lamp Speakers

Apart from wired and wireless, there are other types of weatherproof speakers to consider for your outdoor hangout spot, like pendant-style and lamp speakers.

You can hang pendant speakers overhead from your rooftop lines to keep them away from your water source, or stake them into the ground, depending on which direction you prefer to have your audio facing. Either way, you’ll have enough bass that you won’t need a subwoofer and style for days.

Lamp speakers are speakers within an outdoor lamp enclosure that withstand gentle rain and typically have Bluetooth connectivity. Some even have LED lights to create a little nighttime ambiance and keep the party going all night long.

In-Ceiling vs. On-Wall

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In-ceiling and on-wall speakers are similar to their indoor counterparts, except they are treated to withstand the elements.

In-ceiling speakers work great with covered porches and install so seamlessly with the ceiling you can’t tell they are even there. Some can even look like lights so you can make the most out of your backyard design. On-wall speakers allow you to adjust the orientation to control which direction they point and provide better bass. These can be mounted on the wall, floor, or even parts of the deck — the choice is yours!

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Bollard Speakers vs. Floating Pool Speakers

When it comes to pool parties, having the best audio that reaches everyone both inside and outside the pool is tricky without damaging your speakers. But luckily, there are bollards and floating speakers to choose from.

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Bollard speakers look like outdoor lights staked into the ground, with some models actually featuring lights. With a bollard speaker system, you’ll have unmatched sound due to their construction and buried subwoofer. And best of all, these speakers can truly camouflage with your current landscaping and are completely weatherproof.

Floating pool speakers use Bluetooth and are meant to be kept poolside or in the pool. So, if you’re always hosting pool parties and want to leave space for guests to have comfortable conversations, a floating pool speaker or two will help.

Ready to Setup Your Outdoor Audio System?

With the many types of waterproof or weatherproof speakers available, creating a backyard hangout that wows your friends and families is no trouble. But if you can’t decide where to place all your audio, whether under rooftop lines, in patio corners, under the deck, or hidden among your landscaping, don’t worry; that’s what Integrated Audio Video is here for.

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