Boardrooms & Conference Centers

Enhance your workplace efficiency with automation systems that allow you to control all of your technology needs at the touch of a button. Lower and raise video screens, raise and lower lighting, manipulate volume levels, and control the air temperature from one simple control pad or smart device.

Commercial Automation System
Restaurants & Bars

Create a memorable experience for your guests by providing the atmosphere and ambiance that will keep them coming back time and again. With an integrated technology system, you can control lighting, temperature, television screens, volume levels, and program music playlists with a smart control pad. And we can protect your establishment with integrated security systems and surveillance equipment.

commercial integrated audio video systems
Professional Offices

Anything you can do with a residential setting, we can transition to your office environment. Manage lights, music, temperature, and video from a single device. Add enhanced audio/video capabilities to your meeting rooms. Create “scenes” for opening and closing the office that automatically turns everything off or on, arms or disarms the security system, sets the thermostat to prescribed levels, and so much more.

Audio-Video System installed in Office
Digital Display and Signage

Utilize today’s technology with digital displays for your advertising needs, instructions, optimizing guest ordering, inform guests or customers of your products and services, loop a video for informational purposes and so many other avenues to immerse technology into your business.

Lighting Control System in Board Meeting Room
Distributed Audio Video

From board rooms to restaurants, we can install a distributed audio-video system that allows you to control music, two-way conferencing, and a network of televisions from a single control panel or your smartphone/tablet. Lower or raise the volume, change TV channels globally or on single monitors, and so much more.

Distributed Audio Video Systems
Lighting Control & Shades

Efficiency is the name of the game for most businesses. Put that efficiency in the palm of your hands with coordinated lighting control that works in tandem with your offices’ window shades. One touch turns the lights on and brings up the shades, another touch takes it all back down. Or customize different scenarios you can control quickly and easily.

Commercial Lighting Control System
Building Integration

Building integration gives you the power to control a number of different systems or components from a single source. Turn lights on or off, control the volume of whole-building music, raise or lower the thermostat and easily change over from heating to air condition, and/or control your security system with a touch pad or your smartphone.

Commercial Building Integration System
Climate Control

Remember the old days when every room in an office building had a separate thermostat that was located inside a locked plastic case? Those days are over with smart climate control systems that authorized users can turn the HVAC system on or off, lower or raise the temperature, and even switch from heating to cooling with a simple tap on a console or control from your smartphone even when you’re not in the building.

Climate Control System
Network Connectivity

With so many devices added to your business each day, a professional network installation is ideal. You need to have the right foundation in place to be able to satisfy your business networking needs, which can include TVs, telephones, music, security, and more. Not only do we enhance your bandwidth capabilities, but we secure your network to keep any third parties from accessing your devices. Make sure that you’re getting high-speed coverage in every corner of your business with our custom networking solutions.

network connectivity system
Custom LED Decor

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting has become increasingly popular because it is energy efficient, stays cool to the touch even when illuminated all day (or night), and because it can be configured to almost any application. Backlight your company’s logo, add an element of style to your restaurant or bar, or enhance the visage of your building. Anything is possible.

Commercial LED Decor
Security & Surveillance

Protecting your business is as important as protecting your home. We offer a full line of security and surveillance systems that can monitor everything from break ins to smoke and fire detection, allow you to review indoor and outdoor camera footage, and even arm or disarm your system remotely from your smartphone or tablet. You can even view the cameras remotely from the convenience of your home or if you’re out of the country on a business trip.

surveillance camera installed outside home