Home Automation

When your home has independently-controlled systems that can be integrated for Home Automation, the emphasis is on sophistication and convenience. Smart technology makes your climate control, security, music, video, and even lighting systems communicate to give you control of everything with interactive touch panels – or remotely from your smartphone or tablet. With settings for different “scenes” for holidays, day or night, or seasonal, you can create scenes to match your mood and change each with a single command.

wireless home automation
Distributed Audio & Video

Distributed Audio and Video is a flexible solution for you to pull up the same TV show, concert, streaming music or a movie throughout your house at the press of a button. Meanwhile, all AV equipment is discreetly hidden from view. Having the clean and clutter free look with the components and wiring in a central location such as a closet.

Luxury Home Lighting Control System
Whole House Music

We can create a solution that allows you to seamlessly tap into a variety of music options and control the volume anywhere in your home from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet, a smart remote, or your touch panel. We can install speakers in the shower, pool area, backyard, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and more. We can even use discrete installation to hide speakers in your walls and ceilings, or landscaping.

home automation system
Outdoor Living

Our outdoor living systems make it easy for you to enjoy the big game, fresh air workspace, relaxing by the pool while you pull up and play your favorite playlist.  All our networking installations extend to your outdoor areas to stream music, check email, video conference and all can be controlled by the touch of a button on your smartphone or touch panel. The magic can be extended with perfectly place landscape lighting and scenes to turn on as the sun sets so you can entertain all night long.

Distributed Audio-Video Solutions at Restaurant

With so many devices added to your home each day, a professional network installation is ideal. You need to have the right foundation in place to be able to satisfy your home networking needs, which can include TVs, telephones, music, security, and more. Not only do we enhance your bandwidth capabilities, but we secure your network to keep any third parties from accessing your devices. Make sure that you’re getting high-speed coverage in every corner of your property with our custom networking solutions.

custom networking solutions
Custom LED Decor

Details make the difference in your home’s aesthetics. Our professional team will create a plan that works with your home’s flow and color palette to create stunning visuals—from accent lighting to ambient warmth, or dramatic visual displays to bring every room in your home to life with character.

Custom LED Decor
Home Theater

The quintessential element of opulence, a luxury home theater transports you and your guests to the setting of your choice. Thundering audio and crystal-clear video are precisely engineered to enhance your entertainment experience. From Hollywood blockbusters to concerts and major sporting events, take your place in the front row and feel the action.

Lighting Control System for Home Theater
Security & Remote Video

There is nothing more important or irreplaceable than your family. Cutting edge technology allows you to cast a virtual net of protection around your home and loved ones from within your home or remotely from your smartphone. We combine top-tier security features with forward-thinking installation to monitor your home around the clock.

smart security control system
Central Vacuum

Set the stage for a deep-cleaning experience through a centralized vacuum system and do away with your bulky canister. High-power suction and filtration keeps your home clean and free from dust, bacteria, and the scary-loud motors found on traditional vacuum cleaners while keeping the collection canister neatly tucked away in the garage or basement.

centralized vacuum system
Lighting Control & Shades

Your home is the culmination of elegance and extraordinary interior design, further emphasized with custom lighting. State-of-the-art technology allows you to centralize all of your lighting choices in a single source. Add more personalization with automated window shades to coordinate their opening and closing with your lighting.

Luxurious Lighting Control System
Climate Control

Your home should cater to your comfort, and with modern “smart” features. Climate control solutions allow you to not only adjust the temperature in your home like traditional thermostats, but also automatically adjust based on your customized settings. If you prefer a cooler temperature to sleep comfortably,  automated settings give you confidence in restful nights. Manually change the temperature from an integrated control panel at any time, or control the system from your smartphone if that’s more convenient – including if you are out and want to prep your home before your arrival.

Smart Home Climate Control