From Outdoor Hangout to Backyard Bash — Which Waterproof Speaker Do You Need?

Home Automation, Why to Choose Nice…

Choosing the right home automation system that works for you is a critical decision when upgrading your home or building a new home.  A smart home automation system is more than just asking Alexa to play music, it is about convenience, safety, and the comfort of controlling your home remotely.  Nice is a brand that we highly trust and respect.  They have impeccable products and the customer service and support is top notch.

The Backbone of Today’s Technology

Structured wiring is still the backbone of today’s technology.

With all of the upgrades in wireless communication and equipment, we are always asked if pre-wiring a home is still necessary. Your home still needs a stable network and solid foundation to support advanced Internet security, more reliable transmission of A/V signals, and a much-improved experience for streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix.